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Sharing the knowledge of personal journeys in healing is an originating principal of Compass Healing.   Through such sharing, hearts open cultivating compassion and creating partnerships which expand healing.   Compass Healing’s perspective is that access to health care and healing wisdom is a right, not a privilege, which should be available to all.   With your support we are able to provide access to a wide variety of alternative and natural therapies through free classes, partnerships, innovative  programs, research, and the services of practitioner members.

  • Supporters:  $25 or more
    • Our supporting membership is comprised of any individual  who believes in our work.
  • Practitioner Members:   $50
    • This is a body of like-minded healing practitioners who wish to participate in our healing network of complementary, alternative and holistic disciplines, and be informed of opportunities for education, service or research. (application required)
  • Organizations :  $100 or more
    • This membership may represent groups of several practitioners, a business,  or an associated organization.

Achieving a vision of planetary well-being requires the talent, wisdom and support of a community dedicated to providing not only treatment, but the tools necessary to sustain a life-long personal journey in wellness.  

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A community committed to healing in harmony with the principals of Natural Medicine